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2017 "Illicit" Pinot Noir

2017 "Illicit" Pinot Noir

The name Illicit because we were not allowed to use the designation Solomon Hills Vineyard these magnificent grapes come from. But the owners relented.

Vineyard lies in the Santa Maria Valley, north of Santa Barbara in California. Is owned by one of the absolute best vineyard growers in the area. We knew somebody, who knew somebody, and got in on this exclusive vineyard. In our humble opinion Pinot Noir coming out of this vineyard is world class.

One of us, Doug, says Illicit is the best Pinot Noir wine he has ever tasted. Needless to say, we are all really proud of our creation. Hoi Polloi created Illicit as an American style Pinot with full body, color and fruit taste. Not a French burgundian style you have to "learn to like" - you'll love this one right off the cork.

Date of Harvest: 8/12 + 8/16
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Clone: 667 - Pommard
Appellation: Santa Maria Valley, CA
Vineyard: Solomon Hills Vineyard
Initial Brix: 23.3
Crushed and Destemmed: Yes
Cold Soak: 6
Yeast: Assmanshausen
Total Days of Fermentation: 17
Alcohol: 13.1%
pH: 3.51
Cases Produced: 72