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World Class, Central Coast Wines

HOI POLLOI - [hoi puh-loi/]

plural noun, from Greek

the ma​sses, the common people, riff-raff, plebeians, Salt of the Earth, "… avoid mixing with the hoi polloi." Not to be confused with hoity toity: "pretentiously self-important, haughty."

Hoi Polloi

Basically, we’re the riff-raff.

You know the usual picture? Castles, vineyards, glossy write-ups in Wine Spectator Magazine?  

Yeah. That’s definitely not us.

Our simple take on things:

  • Damn good tasting wine: check

  • Quality over quantity: check

  • Three undercapitalized working stiffs? Definitely check

Visit our "Double Trouble" Wine Tasting Room in Old Town Newhall 24338 Main St., Newhall, CA

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