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2016 "Blue Velvet" Syrah

2016 "Blue Velvet" Syrah

This is a wine taken straight out of David Lynch's movie of same name. It's Frank Booth shouting: "Let's drink!" - or something along those lines. It's about indulgence where you'll drink "any wine that moves!"

What's special about this one is the Larner Vineyard in Ballard Canyon - behind Solvang in Southern California - where these "Blue Velvet" grapes grow.

Before we started to make wine in 2010 we would often buy bottles of Grenache from Larner Vineyard. Later we hooked up with the owner Michael Larner and have now bought his syrah grapes for the last couple of years. This vineyard is top notch with gorgeous fruit.

Our "Blue Velvet" is a cool climate syrah with a slight warmer twist from inside the valley. The cool climate brings out the peppery tones in a syrah and it will take your mid palette on a little discovery with an ending worth "Blue Velvet" - the movie and the wine.

Date of Harvest: 9/23/2016
Clone: Estrella, Clone 3
Appellation: Ballard Canyon, CA
Vineyard: Larner Vineyard
Crushed and Destemmed: 9/23/2016
Cold Soak: 2
Yeast: Native
Total Days of Fermentation: 10
Alcohol: 14.8%
pH: 3.55