2017 Grenache, Colburn Vineyard

Some like it hot. This one. Grenache. Likes it even hotter. And in Spain, where Garnacha originates, there’s no shortage of heat. Same goes for Southern part of France from Languedoc through Rhone. Also Grenache country.

Early on, this heat and drought lover sprouted up in all Global hot-spots. High yields and even higher sugar content (more alcohol) made it the go-to blending grape for jug wines. But. When done right Grenache releases its inherent luscious richness and jammy, intense fruitiness.

Date of Harvest: 8/30/17
Varietal: Grenache
Clone: 126 & 362
Appellation: Paso Robles, CA
Vineyard: Colburn
Crushed and Destemmed: Yes
Yeast: Natural
Alcohol: 13.8%